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So following on from a previous fix “iPhone 3G/3Gs No Sim Card Installed Problem” This seems to have appeared on the iPhone 4 too!

For those who are unfamiliar with the issue, Here’sa quick run down.
Some iPhone 4 owners are having issues with their handsets with the errer message “No Sim Card Installed” after they’ve accidently dropped the phone or even had a little moisture from their hand hit the sim card holder. This is getting quite a popular issue now so here’s a quick fix on how to fix the problem.

The error you will get is the same as before on the 3G and 3Gs, however this is for the iPhone 4 only.

So if you’re recieving the above message then give the below video fix a try and see if it helps you, If anyone has any comments or needs help them feel free to leave a comment below, on the youtube video page or even via my twitter. Cheers, Dan.

The Youtube how to…

As normal I’ve thrown together a small video here for you to watch. Or play using the embedded youtube player below.

Photo Location of Sticker

Thanks goes to @Jaseypea on twitter for this twitter mention he sent me, He asked “exactly where do you add the tape”, I’ve also had a couple of people recently ask the exactl same question. So here’s a picture of the location, the tape i’ve used is white with black dots I hope this helps anyone else who is a little confused.

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So for those of you who haven’t yet been introduced to the world of Minecraft your missing out on a treat! I say that now but in reality you have two ways of seeing Minecraft. First way, As a game where you’re the boss and you creatively build what you want in the world around you surviving the nights of monsters that want to eat you! Or secondly as a relax tool. I tend to see Minecraft as partly both of these things but my main uses of the game tend to sway towards the second option, that of a relaxation tool.

The game runs on both PC and Apple Mac, but I believe they’ve release a mobile version now for Andriod and iOS users. That said there is talk of a possible Playstation and xBox360 version, but we shall have to wait and see for that. I also recommend anyone who loved lego as a child to try minecraft, because it reminds me of the times when I used to build cool stuff with lego, Oh those we’re the days!

Here’s a quick picture of a basic castle built in game.

For those who are still unsure of what Minecraft actually is about then see the below wikipedia ref.

Minecraft is focused on creativity and building, allowing players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. Gameplay in its commercial release has two principal modes: Survival, which requires players to acquire resources themselves and maintain their health and hunger; and Creative, where the player has an unlimited supply of resources, the ability to fly, and no concept of health or hunger. A third gameplay mode, named Hardcore, ratchets up the difficulty of surviving and forces the player to delete his or her world upon death. An outdated Classic version is also available for free, although it is no longer being developed. Creative Minecraft resembles Classic, but with many more features.

So I’ve been playing minecraft at least once or twice a week for a few hours at a time for the past year or so (Since around Beta 0.7, The current version is now Full release 1.1), and I must admit Im not bored of it in the slightest! I always find something good to make or an idea to build something cool.

Lately I’ve been building some good objects in the game either on my own or with a couple of friends (Multiplayer building is the best!), and so i’ve decided to create a few videos so others can see these. I’ve also made a few cool break throughs with the game play and so I’ve released a few video tutorials on my findings. If you’re interested on what I’ve built recently then check the embedded video’s below.

This weeks Creative Builds

I’m definately going to release more videos on the things I’ve created in minecraft, as I feel its an art form and agood way to express and possibly inspire others with things to create in the game.

Minecraft Pokemon Pokeball Monster Spawner

This weeks Tutorials

The below video is one that will help loads of you to create MASSIVE castles in the game with out much effort, So i hope to see some cool castles coming out of the wood work from you all rather soon!

Minecraft Fast Castle Building Tutorial

…and you know how we all need to eat in Minecraft, otherwise you die! Well this little creation is a good way to keep your food supplies up. That said its a bit hit and miss but if anyonecan tweak the way it works that would be really helpfull!

Minecraft Cooked Porkchop Machine

Your Comments and Idea’s

So i’ve done a few videos now and I have had a few comments back from these, and they’ve been really positive! What im looking for though is some idea’s from you guys on what I could possibly build next, So if you have one then you can post below in the comments section of this page or even by sending me a twitter mention – My twitter handle is @cun. I look forward to hearing some of your suggestions! Thanks!

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It would seem one of the most popular posts on my blog in the last 12 months is the “Drum and bass helps me to work hard”, So due to such high demand I’ve decided to compile another list of classic drum and bass tracks for those you have got bored or would just like to find some new tracks.

That said I think I will make this into a feature on my blog and keep the tracks rolling in. For those of you not into this genre I’m not just into Drum and bass, I’m currently also a massive long time dubstep fan So i will most likey do a Dubstep special, also likewise I will do other genre’s as im an avid rocker!

Anyway as promised here is the below list of all the tracks that I feel help me to get through a day of work every once in a while. I hope you Enjoy.

Now availble in a Youtube Playlist!

So by popular request, I’ve now added a playlist to youtube with all the below songs in there for your listening pleasure! So click here and hit the “Play All” button!

  • Sub Focus – X Ray (Youtube)
  • Pendulum – Slam (Youtube)
  • Tommy Boy – Love And Happiness (Youtube)
  • Die & Clipz – Number One (Youtube)
  • Total Science – Soul Patrol (Youtube)
  • Noisia – Facade (Youtube)
  • High Contrast – What We Do (Youtube)
  • Pendulum – The Vault (Youtube)
  • Sub Focus – Airplane (Youtube)
  • TC feat Jakes – Deep (Youtube)
  • Ben Westbeech & Die – Get Closer (Youtube)
  • Chase & Status – Love’s Theme (Youtube)
  • Michael Jackson – Human Nature (Makoto & Specialist Remix) (Youtube)
  • Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Marky & S.P.Y Remix) (Youtube)
  • Jackson 5 – I Want You Back (Blame Remix Edit) (Youtube)
  • Alix Perez & Specific – Just Memories (Youtube)
  • Benny Page – Turn Down The Lights (Youtube)
  • Potential Badboy – Hot Girls (Youtube)
  • Commix – Be True (Youtube)
  • TC – Where’s My Money (Youtube)
  • Zinc feat. Makoto & Stamina MC – Thinking Back (Youtube)
  • Roni Size & DJ Die – It’s A Jazz Thing (Utah Jazz Remix) (Youtube)
  • Alix Perez ft. MC Fats – Down The Line (Youtube)
  • Matrix & Futurebound – American Beauty (Youtube)
  • Nu: Tone – System (Youtube)
  • Chase & Status – Dumpling Riddim (Youtube)
  • Pendulum – Blood Sugar (Youtube)
  • Done – Chase & Status – Hurt You (Youtube)
  • High Contrast – If We Ever (Youtube)
  • Breakage – Clarendon (Youtube)
  • High Contrast – In A Gadda Da Vida Loca (Youtube)
  • Potential Badboy – 4 D Girls Dem (Youtube)
  • J Majik & Wikaman – Crazy World (Youtube)
  • DJ Fresh featuring Mc Darrison – All That Jazz (Youtube)
  • Artificial Intelligence – Bloodlines (Youtube)
  • High Contrast – Pink Flamingos (Youtube)
  • Future Prophecies – Dreadlock (VIP) (Youtube)
  • Potential Badboy – Girlz (Youtube)
  • High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Youtube)
  • London Elektricity – All Hell Is Breaking Loose (Youtube)
  • Sub Focus – Timewarp (Youtube)
  • DJ Hazard – Machete (VIP) (Youtube)
  • Jonny L – Oh Yeah (Youtube)
  • Blame – Stay Forever (Youtube)
  • Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down (Youtube)
  • High Contrast – Hometown Glory (Youtube)
  • Danny Byrd – Shock Out (Youtube)
  • Spor – Aztec (Youtube)
  • DJ Fresh – Hypercaine (Youtube)
  • P Money – Everything (Blame Remix) (Youtube)
  • DJ Fresh – Heavyweight (Youtube)
  • Noisia – Stigma (Youtube)
  • Foreign Beggars – Contact (Noisia) (Youtube)
  • Logistics – Jungle Music (Youtube)
  • Sigma – Paint It Black (Youtube)
  • Blame – Because Of You (Youtube)
  • Sub Focus – Rock It (Youtube)
  • Danny Byrd – Sweet Harmony (Jungle Remix) (Youtube)
  • Jaguar Skills – Maximus Ace Of Spades (Youtube)
  • DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans ‘Louder’ (Youtube)

“Drum and Bass, working hard!” Part 1 of this post can be found here.