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Today I’ve come across the coolest fridge ever, It’s a Marshall branded beer fridge!
Fridges do get really boring, especially after working with electrical and white good appliances for 3 years at my time at Miller Brothers, However this is pretty freaking awesome and made especially for holding your special weapon of choice (Beer).

I so very much really want one of these, and Im sure you will too when you see the pictures below.

It looks just like the classic amp, but the Marshall Fridge is a 4.4 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer perfect for keeping your beer and pop on ice.

Promotional Video

So how many of you want to rock out your office with one of these? I know I do!

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I’ve been known to tweet a lot of resources & web finds with web, design and developement interests. Due to this a lot of people asked me to create an archive of these posts so they didn’t have to favourite my every tweet!

I took it upon myself (with some advice from a few friends) to actually write some new code and create this archive. At the top of this page you will see a “Resources” link. Inside that page is an archive of everything I’ve tweeted with a preview of the site I found it upon. If you click the URL or the Preview then you will go directly through to the original resource. So for those who follow me on Twitter, you can just visit that page from now on rather than having to favourite every tweet.

How it works…

It’s really self explainatry, but basically I make tweets to other design and development resources that I find and read daily online.

I Tweet said resource:-

After the tweet has been made, My site instantly creates the page of the URL I tweeted, giving you a preview of the said resource origin page.

Then just click the link or the preview shot of the resource site and you’ll get the original resource.

I hope that helps everyone!

“Can You Feature My Resource?”

Sure, If you’ve created something cool, possibly unique or even free, Let let me know! I always love to see new things so I’ll definately take a look. If it meets the critera I’ll tweet it and feature it in the resources archive too.

So drop me a message either on twitter or via the contact link in the header of this page.


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Edit: Drop box has now made it possible to get 16Gb for free with this method, Instead of recieving 250Mb per referal you now get 500Mb per referal for free! Just follow the same procedures.

I’ve been a user of the beautiful website for a good 3 or 4 years now, and Its by far the best sort of service in its so great I was rocking out my account at 95% full! Now they only give you 2Gb of space for free and I’d managed to fill 1.95gb of that with backups of work and websites from my development server.

So I popped on over to the Dropbox site and looked at the packages in which they do and the next one up was £9.99 a month. Yikes! I already pay enough in my own dedicated servers, ow wait… They do a referal scheme! Brilliant!

So i read through the referal FAQ, and they give you 250Mb more space for every referal you get that signs up, and completely installs the dropbox software. There is a limit currently set at 8Gb max of referal. So this got my thinking…

I have 2Gb and They allow another 8Gb of referal space, so I need 32 referals. Where am I going to get 32 referals from! *brainwave!*
So i popped down to the shop, Looks for a web designer magazine that was rocking a Google Adwords voucher, Bought the mag for a tidy £4ish I then got home and set about using the £75 adwords voucher that I had got from the said magazine.

I’ve since found out that you can request said vouchers directly from google, here. However I didnt want to wait!

Here’s the steps I used to generate over 45+ refereal leads (I only needed 32).

Let’s get going!

  • Sign in to Google AdWords, and select Billing Preferences (under the Billing tab.)
  • Walk through the setup process and provide your location, address, and your credit card number (don’t worry, you won’t be charged.)
  • After your billing preferences are set up, you’ll be returned to the Billing Summary page. Click “More Actions” to see the option to apply a promotional code to your account.
  • Paste in the promotional code Google (or your web host) sent you.
  • Now your AdWords credit is applied, and you’re ready to start building ads.
  • Click “Campaigns,” and select “New Campaign.”
  • Give the campaign a name. “Dropbox1” will do.
  • Specify your locations and languages. When I created my ads, I went with All Countries and Territories, and selected English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish as my languages These are all the default ones specified.
  • Under Networks and Devices, leave “All available sites” and “All available devices” selected.
  • Under Bidding and Budget set a budget for yourself of something like £20 a day. This will keep your advertisement from running out of control!
  • Leave all of the remaining fields blank or set to their defaults, and click “Save and Continue.”

Now it’s time to specify the text you want in your ads. Go back to your Dropbox account and copy your referral URL from your account settings, this is the link you will need to put into your Advert, however the “Display” link can be “” Nifty eh! So next add your Dropbox referral link in the “Destination URL” field.

The advert itself wants to say something like this:-

Next, specify your keywords. I found that “dropbox, storage, free online storage” worked well for me. However I did change them a little. Try to only go after 4 to 5 keyword phrases as Google will ban accounts that are spamfull.

These are the keywords I ended up using in the end:-

Now you have to await for Google

So now you have to await Googles approval of your URL, and this can take 30 minuts or so to do. That’s no problem though, however you do need to be ready for when it gets going, so quickly, go make a brew and meet me back here to continue in 5 mins.

Be ready for the first referal

So with cup in hand, and at the ready, you need to see if the ad is good to go. Click the status of the ad. In most cases its the “Eligible” link on your adsense campaign. If its good to go, you’ll see the following.

So with everything being “OK” with no issues, open up your referals page on dropbox. What you need to do is now keep pressing F5 every minute of to, as this is the only way you can really monitor the speed of people singing up. Google does monitor this however is very slow and around 3 hours delayed. So watching the Dropbox referals page is by far the best way.


Here’s what you will start to see:

As you can see they fly in at least 1 every 1~2 minutes. I after I had around 40 referals. I stopped my Adwords, as you need to wait for people to install the software completely to make them a Eligible referal, and for you to get your full 250Mb for them signing up.

Account Overview

Once you’ve got all 40 referals check your account overview, you should see that you’ve now got 10Gb in total, 2Gb from your basic account, and 8Gb from referals.

Be sure to stop your Adwords Campaign

If you dont stop it you will encur charges for advertising with Google, even if you’ve got all your referals! So be sure to pause or delete all campaigns!
Thats said, You should now have all the space you need for a good while now! I hope that helps anyone else, as it sure helped me!

Till next time, Dan.