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So the end of last month, a friend had an idea to rent out the newly local indoor skate park that has recently opened.
I’ve been following its creation over the past 6 months on facebook, as I’m a member of the team (I do their website etc).

I’ve been following the feed and posts on facebook for some time and some of my MTB mates (Phil, Dale, Dim, Dean, Eddy, Adam, Harry and Kate) decided that they wanted to rent out the park for 12 hours. So they booked it one saturday night from 9pm till 9am! Cheers for to the Doncaster’s Northbridge Skate Park staff for being awesome in letting us do this as it was awesome!

Anyway, I created a small short video of the night, A lot happened and I didn’t records hardly any where near as much as I had originally set out to do! However we did have fun (including the hours worth of digging for Harry’s phone in the foam pit practicing his parkour!) I also took a stack of photos, but I’ve only chosen a few to publish, I’ve added these onto the end of the video, so be sure to watch it in HD!

If anyone else is thinking about hiring this skate park ( both myself and all the lads in the videeo highly recommend it! The facilities are great, and the owner is sound! Anyways Enjoy this short video.

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It’s no secret, Google host things… You know this, I know this, Hell even my dog knows this! However google have recently made it less obvious that they still host their app service for free.

Back when Google Apps launched (Yes I was there) They allowed you to signup for an account for your domain, They also gave you the allowance of 150 users per domain account, Yeah seriously 150 accounts!

Google Apps Free

But when they started to get bigger they realised spammers and users where grabbing these account and using them rather than paying for the Google Apps Business accounts. So Google slowly started to drop the user allowance down from 150, to 100, then 75, 50 then 25… We’re now at 10 and although thats nothing in comparison to the origianl amount that they first started with, its a massive amount given that most of us would like a brilliant email service, as cheap as possible!

I’m a massive Google apps user, I use it for myself, my clients, and my work. It’s something that has taken the problems away from email hosting as you can use that time else where learning other things. I believe that this is one of the reasons that google too supply you with the free Google Apps option.

How do I get a Google Apps Free Account?

Right, now down to business! What you’re getting is Gmail, GTalk, GCal, and Gdocs but not branded as Google. You get these on your own domain!
This post explains how to setup the free Google Apps Standard for your domain.

Step 1

Go to Google App Standard here (Google Apps Free) you have to add the domain.

Step 2

Choose custom setup click Go Custom button.
Google Apps Standard for Free.

Step 3

Now we need to verify the domain owner as you!
Google Apps Standard for Free.

Step 4

You can verify the domain a couple of ways, the quickest I find is by uploading a HTML file with specified files name.
Google Apps Standard for Free.

Step 5

The Other way of verifing your domain is to include a set META tag in the domain’s index page.
Google Apps Standard for Free.

Step 6

After verifing your domain the following success message will be displayed.
Google Apps Standard for Free..

Step 7

Now we start creating some email accounts!
Google Apps Standard for Free.

Step 8

Go to Organization & users tab and click “Create a new user” button and you can create a new email address.
Google Apps Standard for Free.

Step 9

Once done, a success message will be dislayed.
Google Apps Standard for Free.

Step 10

If you want to look at a current list of users you can click the “Organization & Users”
Google Apps Standard for Free.

Step 11

As standard Google automatically provides you with a generic URL for accessing your Google Mail, however we can change that! Click change url and setup a custom url, Something like “” is probably ideal, however you can have anything you like.
Google Apps Standard for Free.
Google Apps Standard for Free.

Step 12

Here’s where you choose your custom URL.
Google Apps Standard for Free.

Step 13

Now we have to modify your domain’s CNAME records with the changes required for the custom URL and Email setup.
Google Apps Standard for Free.

Step 14

Open a new tab login into you domain provier site like Godaddy, Bigrock etc, Go to the domain DNS settings and add mail CNAME points to Google server
Open up another web browser, Login into your domain provider (I use Buy the domain if you don’t already have one however you should do if you’re at this stage!
Go to the domain’s control panel, and click Edit DNS. Now we need to add the “mail” CNAME to point to Googles server hosted at and the following MX records too for the email to work.
Google Apps Standard for Free.

Step 15

Now back to Google App page go to Domain settings tab click Appearance upload your logo
We now pop back over to the Google Apps page, go to Domain settings in the tab menu, and click Appearance, From here we can upload your custom logo etc, Which will take away some of the Google branding, Awesome!
Google Apps Standard for Free.

Step 16

Now we’ve done all that, we can add our email account settings to our email client, However I’ll link you to the google tutorials for those!
Google Apps Standard for Free.

I hope that helps someone out, Enjoy!

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So it would seem to the dismay of many that Logitech have stopped supporting the Quickcam for Windows 7. This really does my head sideways as the camera I have is perfectly fine! Infact if you’re reading this then you too will know that there isn’t a think wrong with the way the logitech QuickCam Zoom or any of the Quick cam family for that matter!

So I’ve been playing about and I’ve managed to get my QuickCam working on Windows 7 64bit fairly easily.

Firstly, you need to gram the right drivers, I’m pretty much only going to link to the 64bit drivers on this post, so if you need the 32Bit ones you will have a do a little digging first (Sorry).
Grab this f Logitech Quickcam driver for x64 vista (Yes i know its vista but we need this file.) from here (qc1051enu_x64.exe).

Once you’ve downloaded that you’re going to need a extraction program, like 7zip or WinRAR. I personally use WinRAR, so what you need to do is as follows.

Navigate to the location of the qc1051enu_x64.exe file, once you have done so right click the file, and you want to extract the contents to your PC. The reason we do this is because Windows 7 wont allow us to run this Vista installer, so we need to extract the contents of it out.

Once this has done, a new folder will apear next to this, called “qc1051enu_x64” Inside of that folder will be the following files.

Navigate to the following folder, “qc1051enu_x64\Drivers\x64\PRO64\” (Note 32Bit version will differ slightly however the stucture is very much the same.

Once you’re in that folder there is a file named “lPRO64v.inf” you need to open this file now with a text editor. Once you have it open you will see alot of strings etc. What we need to do is find
the string “08bd” without the quotes, and replace this with the string “08b4” (also without the quotes). Once you’ve done that, save the file!

Now we just need to install this new modified driver on our machine, so the quickest way is GO to the divice manager, (Right click “Computer” in the start menu and click “Manage”) then navigate to the “Device Manager” Then right click the unknown device which should be your webcam.

Once you’ve done that, you need to click “Browse my computer for driver software”.

It should then ask for your location of the files, You need to adjust this to the location to which you downloaded the files to, It should be the same as mine if you’re using x64 and extracted your driver “qc1051enu_x64” to the downloads folder. If not locate your folder.

Then click next, and now you should have a completely working Logitech Quickcam!

I hope thats helped some else out out, as It’s taken me a while to figure this one out, However I do think it would be a massive help to someone trying to get the Logitech older camera’s working on windows 7.

If anyone has any comments or questions then please dont hessitate to ask in the comments section below.
Thanks! Dan.