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Well i’ve thought to myself, a new being to a new life…

Although ‘ve got backups of the old site, i thought to hell with a restore! I’m going to make a clean start! I think it’s probably a good idea, although the content was good for the old site, I rather get google to re-index the whole site and grab the new data!

I will still get links from google and various other places so im not to fussed about loosing traffic, I just really think a new clean site for the ever closer approching 2008 would go down a treat :) Anyways, the press is installed, and now just needs tweaking, but my eyes are getting the better of me up on the hour of 2am! So on those pillow loving words im off for some kip!

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Sanderson Bob Website creation

I’ve been working with Bob for the past month or so coding his website for him and in all honest I’ve loved every minute of it, Quickly May I add he’s a quality guy and very very easy to work with, even though he’s from a Graphic design background he delt with the constrains of web design like a professional! Bob created a layout for his site in which he stated that he wanted to keep it nice and most of all very simple.

I feel that we have totally hit the nail on the head. It has to be by far one of the most simple designs I’ve done in along time! For that it needs definatly has to have its place in my portfolio. Without any exceptions all the backend code is coded in Valid XHTML and CSS as usual. Whist the design of the site is Bob’s work I’m still adding it under my portfolio as Code in my eyes is poetry and its worth showing off for that very reason!

Im very happy with the end product, and seriously can’t wait for Bob to send me some new updates for his online portfolio pages!
If you havn’t already seen Sanderson Bob’s work then don’t hessitate to go and have a look…

Website: Sanderson Bob