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A Windows screen saver is basically just a standard Windows executable that has been renamed to have a .SCR filename extension. In order to interface properly, certain requirements must be met. In general, the program must:

  • Distinguish between active mode and configuration mode
  • Disallow multiple copies of itself to run
  • Exit when the user presses a key or moves the mouse

Here a quick Delphi Tutorial on how to make a basic screen saver for windows.

View Tuturial: Delphi Tutorial Graphics – How to make a screen saver

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I’ve just been tring to align an image with some text next to it in a div, the the is it would make the text jump to the bottom of the image. Obviously this mad me mad! Grrr I’ve meny times had to do this, but I thought I would share this fix with you all, so here is a little work around that you can use to get around the issue of vertically aligning objects in a webpage. Read more »

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Over at Life Hacker there is a post on how to build a hackintosh for under 400 quid! Now if you guys don’t already know what a hackintosh is then il run you up to speed. Basically Up until this year to run MacOS you would have needed to purchase a Mac Power PC, but since the arrival of the Intel based chipsets that all the new Apple Mac’s come with, the MacOS has been rewriten to run on Intel based system which is great! Thus making it possible to have a PC run either Windows, Linux or now MacOSX!

MacOSX on a PC! Read more »