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You may have read my post around 3 weeks ago on the Eee PC from ASUS, if you did then you will know that I was expecting ASUS to release a newer version of the laptop, with a slightly higher spec. Well ASUS have formaly announce it and its pricing!


Even though the 4GB version of Asus’ elfin Eee PC isn’t exactly easy to get hold of, some system sellers have started taking advance orders for the as-yet-unreleased 8GB model.

Set be available in both white and black versions, the 8GB solid-state disk Eee PC comes with 1GB of DDR 2 memory – double that installed in the 4GB model.

Like that machine, the 8GB incarnation has 802.11b/g Wi-Fi; three USB ports; a 10/100Mb/s Ethernet port; a 7in, 800 x 480 display; and a 900MHz Intel Celeron M ULV processor underclocked to 630MHz.

The sub-sub-notebook comes pre-installed with Linux and a basic user interface, though it’s easy to tweak to gain a full Linux desktop, to install Windows XP or even Mac OS X Leopard.

Here in the UK, one reseller, Clove, is offering the 8GB Eee PC on pre-order for £304.32 – around £84 more than the average price of the 4GB model. The unit is due sometime in Q1 2008.

Asus recently told us it was focusing on the 2GB and 4GB Eee PCs in a bid to meet demand, and that it wouldn’t begin producing the promised 8GB model until its has production of the lesser models has ramped up somewhat.

Likewise, it’s focusing on the white and, more recently, the black models. Asus has promised other colours: pale pink, sky blue and a light green that we can only imagine appealing to Eee PC completists. Again, these colours aren’t due to appear until next year.

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Unfortunatly there is no current support for netstumbler on windows vista,
So here’s a nice tip on finding that wifi network with Vista. Go to a command prompt, type netsh and then

lan show networks mode=bssid

The geek in me likes that! :)

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Well I’ve been endlessly looking into buying the Eee PC, but i’ve just recieve an email from the fella’s over at Car TFT and they have just announced the release of this beauty!

I seriously love the fact that this is so mobile even more so than the Eee PC, but the fact is its more of a PDA, Is this such a bad thing? Well although the Eee PC is definatly a Laptop its only runs at a battery length of 4.5hours, where the UMP has a standard Battery runtime of 7.5hours with aupgradable battery to push a quality 12hours battery length! One thing that is a little off putting though is the fact that the UMP only has a 600mhz CPU and the EeePC has a 900mhz, but insaying that, the size differnce and battery run times are totally differnt! I so gotta get me one of these!


With the Everun UMPC you get a real generalist with full Windows XP compability. Read more »