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OK so back in January (2013) Myself and my close friends ended up in a quite bar for a birthday gathering in Doncaster, when someone decided that we needed to do something crazy and off the wall! This then lead quickly into a “What, Why, When and Where!”. Anyway to cut a long story short, We ended up training like warriors for several months to do what is known as “Tough Mudder” that took place on September 9th 2013, and let me tell you, It was amazing.

We did it in a Team of six, Myself, Phil, Craig, Ellis, Dan and Rob. We all started together, we all lived and suffered some of the pains cramps and injuries of the 20km, 20 obstacle course, however we all finished and crossed the line together in true comrade style! Its was truly liberating including the 0deg ice skip that we had to fully submerge in!

Want to see how we got on? Sure, We recorded it all and I created this video! Enjoy!

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