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So the end of last month, a friend had an idea to rent out the newly local indoor skate park that has recently opened.
I’ve been following its creation over the past 6 months on facebook, as I’m a member of the team (I do their website etc).

I’ve been following the feed and posts on facebook for some time and some of my MTB mates (Phil, Dale, Dim, Dean, Eddy, Adam, Harry and Kate) decided that they wanted to rent out the park for 12 hours. So they booked it one saturday night from 9pm till 9am! Cheers for to the Doncaster’s Northbridge Skate Park staff for being awesome in letting us do this as it was awesome!

Anyway, I created a small short video of the night, A lot happened and I didn’t records hardly any where near as much as I had originally set out to do! However we did have fun (including the hours worth of digging for Harry’s phone in the foam pit practicing his parkour!) I also took a stack of photos, but I’ve only chosen a few to publish, I’ve added these onto the end of the video, so be sure to watch it in HD!

If anyone else is thinking about hiring this skate park ( both myself and all the lads in the videeo highly recommend it! The facilities are great, and the owner is sound! Anyways Enjoy this short video.

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