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So it would seem to the dismay of many that Logitech have stopped supporting the Quickcam for Windows 7. This really does my head sideways as the camera I have is perfectly fine! Infact if you’re reading this then you too will know that there isn’t a think wrong with the way the logitech QuickCam Zoom or any of the Quick cam family for that matter!

So I’ve been playing about and I’ve managed to get my QuickCam working on Windows 7 64bit fairly easily.

Firstly, you need to gram the right drivers, I’m pretty much only going to link to the 64bit drivers on this post, so if you need the 32Bit ones you will have a do a little digging first (Sorry).
Grab this f Logitech Quickcam driver for x64 vista (Yes i know its vista but we need this file.) from here (qc1051enu_x64.exe).

Once you’ve downloaded that you’re going to need a extraction program, like 7zip or WinRAR. I personally use WinRAR, so what you need to do is as follows.

Navigate to the location of the qc1051enu_x64.exe file, once you have done so right click the file, and you want to extract the contents to your PC. The reason we do this is because Windows 7 wont allow us to run this Vista installer, so we need to extract the contents of it out.

Once this has done, a new folder will apear next to this, called “qc1051enu_x64” Inside of that folder will be the following files.

Navigate to the following folder, “qc1051enu_x64\Drivers\x64\PRO64\” (Note 32Bit version will differ slightly however the stucture is very much the same.

Once you’re in that folder there is a file named “lPRO64v.inf” you need to open this file now with a text editor. Once you have it open you will see alot of strings etc. What we need to do is find
the string “08bd” without the quotes, and replace this with the string “08b4” (also without the quotes). Once you’ve done that, save the file!

Now we just need to install this new modified driver on our machine, so the quickest way is GO to the divice manager, (Right click “Computer” in the start menu and click “Manage”) then navigate to the “Device Manager” Then right click the unknown device which should be your webcam.

Once you’ve done that, you need to click “Browse my computer for driver software”.

It should then ask for your location of the files, You need to adjust this to the location to which you downloaded the files to, It should be the same as mine if you’re using x64 and extracted your driver “qc1051enu_x64” to the downloads folder. If not locate your folder.

Then click next, and now you should have a completely working Logitech Quickcam!

I hope thats helped some else out out, as It’s taken me a while to figure this one out, However I do think it would be a massive help to someone trying to get the Logitech older camera’s working on windows 7.

If anyone has any comments or questions then please dont hessitate to ask in the comments section below.
Thanks! Dan.

25 Responses to “Logitech Quickcam Zoom working with Windows 7”

  1. Dan Cunningham

    No problem Droider!

    My whole point of this was to do just that, thankyou for your comment. I appreciate the fact that I know its helped you.


  2. Cyril

    Thanks Dan.

    You have done a great job. The camera works super now!

    Greetings from Bulgaria,


  3. Magicspook

    Thanks Dan!

    My webcam is fully up-to-date once more!
    Your technique worked 100%, and I was finished in 10 minutes!


    Robert, Holland

  4. Dan Cunningham

    No problem Robert! :)

    @Tim, nope there should be a 08bd string in that file, make sure you get the case sensitivity right too. :)

  5. Roy Turner


    Thank you for this. In the last two weeeks, I have unsuccessfully tried several other solutions but yours was the most straightforward.

    Your description could do with a little tweaking: :-(

    In windows 7 the only option to unpack the Exe file is “Open” and this unloads into the Program files (x86) folder sequence and you cannot save the edited file in there. I had to copy it back into the Download folder.

    Also, there are several instances of 08bd in the file which need to be changed. This is not immediately apparent in the description.

    But it works extremely well and I am delighted.


  6. Dan Cunningham

    Thank you for your comment Roy and I’m pleased that it worked for you too :)

    I appreciate the feed back and I shall update my post shortly once I’m at my computer rather than on the Phone.

    Kindest regards

  7. Michael Strong

    This worked perfectly. As Rob Turner said, there were a number of instances of 08bd to be changed. Thanks a lot!

  8. Nans

    Hi Dan, it cost me a week to search, i’m so excited, I wil try your solution and I wil give you my regards if its working, greeetz Nans

  9. Jo

    And thanks for your instructions. I tried it with the English and German version of “qc1051enu64.exe” and “qc1051deu_x64.exe”. Both installations according your instruction failed with the message: “Unknown device could not be installed. The driver Software was not found. “The properties of unknown device; tab general shows the error code 28. I use windows 7 professional x64. Have you an advice for me?
    Best regards from Germany

  10. Jim

    I cannot get this to work. I have found 5 or 6 strings that have 08bd in them, do you have to change all or just one? I have tried to change all and then just one at a time. They were all in the top 1/8th of the inf file. Any help you can give would be great. Thanks again.

  11. guy laborie

    Many thanks for your tutorial. installation done successfull
    Best regards

  12. Don

    Hello Dan..

    Recently upgraded to win7 32. QC pro4000 installed with no problems. Upgrading to Win7 64. I’m looking forward to using your solution.

    Do you have a solution for installing legacy Epson 1200u flat bed scanner on both Win7 32/64 systems? I’ve had no luck through conventional methods. It’s a perfectly good scanner.

    As a side note, I upgraded to win7 32 from Win98se. It ran just fine for 13yrs.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you may offer……Don

  13. John Woodrd

    Many thanks. Why can’t Logitech be bothered to release a driver that works one wonders? It would be trivial for them to release a working driver but they must think their user base will be willing to fork out on new devices every time Microsoft release a new version of Windows.

  14. Martin

    Hello Dan .

    Many thanks for your tutorial.
    Ist Great!!!! Perfect!

  15. Robin

    There are tens of thousands of old Quickcams that will now have a new life thanks to this. Thanks x 1000, and thanks as well for your thoughtful responses to so many questions! :)

    I am curious – what is the technical reason the hex change in the INI file? I ask because the Quickcam ‘Zoom’ is not the only series kicking around for a buck or two at thrift stores – is it likely that string change will be different for different models?

  16. Joe

    Didn’t work for me and my quickcam zoom on windows 7, 64 bit

  17. Dronami_inc

    GREAT! Thank you very much. It works for me on Windows 8 64bit. The only difference is that i’ve manually pointed at lPRO64v file

  18. Schyzo

    Unfortunately, this hack doesn’t work anymore on Windows 10 :(

  19. Dan Cunningham

    Thanks for the update Schyzo, i’ve not tested on Win10. Shame.

    Update:- verified to work now if you ignore the driver verification prompt!

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