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Recently I’ve been playing around with older iPhones, installing wiping and generally hacking things. After all they’re a very powerful ARM device. This made me want to fire up Cydia and start hacking some apps together, However I after opening Cyida I received this following message. “Untrusted Sever Certificate”.

First thing I did was restart the phone, however I quickly realised that the time and date on the iPhone where massively out from the current time. This was due to the phones charge being completely lost (because of innactivity) and not holding any batterly life for the clock to keep the time correct. So after I did the following step everything worked fine again.

Here’s a quick youtube video on what I did to fix this iPhone error, Its quick short and simple and I hope this helps anyone else out with the same issue!

My Tutorial on Fixing the Untrusted Server Certificate

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