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I’m always one for having some good SEO and content within my websites however I dont believe that SEO is something you need to buy from a so called “Guru”. My attitude towards SEO guys is that I see “SEO Guys” as pretty much a “fake” job. Now don’t get me wrong because originally the content author would have done all the writing of their site content and this would have included the SEO.

However over the past 10 years the term “SEO” has been aimed at the wrong target, and thus spawned the “SEO Guy” Job, I’ll explain what I mean.

These “SEO Gurus” are the guys who hack the page to get the poor search engines to list the content top and not for the benefit of the users, So 7 times out of 10 the content is probably not even relavent! This I have always seen this method of SEO “hacking” as wrong and Google too now agree’s.

Infact Google wants the users to be the targets of the terms and content and not the search engines algorithm. This in my opinion is where it should have always been aimed its just alot of people have been so caught up with the play of the “SEO” buzz word that they’ve missed the point entirely!

To anyone that knows me personally my theory has always been if you can’t write some good informative content, then your site won’t rank as well as you need it to, but if you do write good content and you include the correct tags for this content and it’s correctly coded from day one, you won’t ever need to buy SEO services from anyone EVER, as it will ranks correctly for the content you have hosted!

Now Google has released a video with the way in which they are now looking for genuine content and exactly as I have described above they’ve backed up everything I’ve been saying for the last serveral years. God bless Google!

Anyway have a watch I’ve embedded the video below. Enjoy

Editors Note: My intentions of this post is not to offend anyone who is in the SEO, or Marketing Profession as this is just an opinion that I’ve had for well over 6 years now. However if you do feel you need to comment to air your views and/or defence (and I always love to hear other peoples opinions), then please do so in the comments below.

Thanks, Dan Cunningham

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