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I’ve been known to tweet a lot of resources & web finds with web, design and developement interests. Due to this a lot of people asked me to create an archive of these posts so they didn’t have to favourite my every tweet!

I took it upon myself (with some advice from a few friends) to actually write some new code and create this archive. At the top of this page you will see a “Resources” link. Inside that page is an archive of everything I’ve tweeted with a preview of the site I found it upon. If you click the URL or the Preview then you will go directly through to the original resource. So for those who follow me on Twitter, you can just visit that page from now on rather than having to favourite every tweet.

How it works…

It’s really self explainatry, but basically I make tweets to other design and development resources that I find and read daily online.

I Tweet said resource:-

After the tweet has been made, My site instantly creates the page of the URL I tweeted, giving you a preview of the said resource origin page.

Then just click the link or the preview shot of the resource site and you’ll get the original resource.

I hope that helps everyone!

“Can You Feature My Resource?”

Sure, If you’ve created something cool, possibly unique or even free, Let let me know! I always love to see new things so I’ll definately take a look. If it meets the critera I’ll tweet it and feature it in the resources archive too.

So drop me a message either on twitter or via the contact link in the header of this page.


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