Back to IRC!

Ok guys, just a bit of heads up since i’ve become so what redundent from the happy world of IRC i’ve decided to make a come back!

Im currently connected to Quakenet (shame) sat in #cunni as I used to for the last 7 or 8 years. I’ve still got my Q bot fortunatly which I didnt know!
So if anyone one is after me either at work or home, then you’ve got direct connection to me via IRC now.

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  1. Alva Jocoy says:

    No Twitter marketing!? What’s with you man! It’s a MUST in marketing

  2. Seek4t says:

    Im also an avid IRC user! I may have to hit you up via PM sometime!

  3. Dan Cunningham says:

    Sure thing rob! Feel free. All the details are above if you feel the need to ask me anything on a much more personal level.

    - Dan.

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