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Being a web designer I’ve always used PC as this makes up a good 90% of the users on the web, but there is always the 10% of users still using Mac, and for testing newly coded websites in OSx has always been a pain. For years I’ve been using Windows as my primary OS and after a strong run at college about 6 years ago where I was using Mac OS for a good couple of years I’ve decided to get me a legal copy of OSx and install it upon my PC.

I’m well impressed with the speed, its running as a MacPro setup. I run a ASUS P5B Deluxe and I’ve got to say I’ve never found it so easy to do this! Here’s the proof:

My Hackintosh

About my Mac

After a short while, i decided to start to play with things… and managed to get a trial copy of parallels. For those of you who dont know what parallels is, its a virtual machine application for OSx. This allows you to run more than one operating system as a time.

So off i went and grabbed my copy of Microsoft Windows Vista, 20 minutes later I had OS x and vista running upon the same machine, Which is perfect for web development! Now i just need to dig out my copy of Windows XP and get that up and running for IE6! (*shakes fist @ IE 6!*)

Vista Inside OSx Hackintosh!

Everything works a dream, I really can’t believe how good this is! :)

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  1. Jean

    Thank you very much, It couldn’t have been a better post. Thanks again and great work.

  2. Mariann Triche

    Nice post, Im going to be building a hackingtosh shortly! :)

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