Google Voice Invite or NOT!

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I’ve just sat down at my desk in the office as i usually do on a morning. I’ve opened up my mail client only to find a nice shiney new email from those guys at google! The email goes a little like this: You are invited to open a free Google Voice account. To accept… Read more »

My Working Hackintosh!

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Being a web designer I’ve always used PC as this makes up a good 90% of the users on the web, but there is always the 10% of users still using Mac, and for testing newly coded websites in OSx has always been a pain. For years I’ve been using Windows as my primary OS… Read more »

Phil Regan Site Updates

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Now as some of you know I tend to do alot of work for other designers and illustrators alike, Mainly because when you’re in the industry of design you tend to end up with alot of contact in close areas of work to you. This isn’t a bad thing, infact its quite the opposite. Phil… Read more »