Mounting NAS drive under Ubuntu

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I class this as very invaluable on how to mount NAS drives, So i thought i would share! I’ve been battling this one for a long time… Finally got it solved… Since I bought it, I have been unable to mount the drive under the linux console so that i can access it’s contents in… Read more »

The James Kuhn 365 days project!

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James Kuhn a guy who last year promised to paint his face with a different design every day for one year has now finished his year-long challenge. See amazing videos of the creations brought to life below! The guy has some serious skill and time on his hands! 10 out of 10 for the effort… Read more »

Introducing the “Biro Fork!”

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Today when i left for work i stupidly forgot to pickup a fork for my pasta that i bought this morning, Now this isn’t usually a problem as you can always go to the nearest chippy and pickup a little fork for like 5p, but to make matters worse the nearest chippy is 3 miles… Read more »