I'm Dan Cunningham

Web developer & interaction designer

Quick Portfolio
  • 365 Games Email Marketing
  • 365 Games Ecommerce
  • Chelsea Wine Company

What I Offer

I create and build websites & applications. I take the elements supplied by an individual's mind and vision to bring their thoughts and idea's to life.
With the support and knowledge that I've gained from past projects and experiences I've listed serveral key points of what I'm able and capable of executing.

Web & App Design

Skilled creation of websites, from portfolio/brochures to e-commerce driven users based applications in a responsive framework environment

Web Development

With every nice front end lays a coffee powered code happy backend, and so knowing what works best behind the scenes is key to any platform.

SEO Optimised Code

Know your audience, add correct content & feed the engines. Symantic HTML is key for giving search engines the fuel they need to push targeted traffic directly to you.

Email Campaigns

Collecting your users information is great but knowing how to use that information to drive promotions and marketing is essential for future return and cost effective growth.

Server Management

Knowledge on how to make a site run and perform well, scale, withstand web "nasties" and being compliant is key to any great service.

Data Redundancy

Downtime is money which can cost you and a business thousands! So having fail safe redundancy should the worst happen is vitally important.

13+ Years Experience

Without web experience you stand to hit issues that you've not anticipated. Something that you can only learn over time.


Assumptions are the termites of relationships. Customer and colleague communications are important, and even the most minor details are often crucial to succeed.

About Me

I'm a web geek by day and fun loving father of one the rest of the time.
Love analytics, trends and key performance. Yet never shy to try a new idea or direction if I can see it's potential.

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Web Design








Server Management


Graphic Design

My Quick Picks

HTC Agency Site
Skype Management Portals
Email Marketing
Nineten New Media Website
Xbite Ltd
Chelsea Wine Company

Drop Me a Message

Please feel free to drop me a line for any additional information, The best method of contact for me is via the web.
After all it's what I work and create for 95% of the day.

Note: My folio is bigger than the tiny additions I've added here, so please message me for more info.